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  • Goodbye: My muse watching yours die
  • Farewell: My muse or yours leaving the other (Please specify which)
  • Blood: My muse killing yours
  • Shiver: Our muses trying to stay warm
  • Hush: My muse trying to calm and quiet yours
  • War: Our muses arguing
  • Nocturnal: Our muses up late at night
  • Confession: My muse confesses something to yours
  • Reckless: My muse does something dangerous for yours
  • Warmth: Our muses doing something fluffy and cute together
  • Intimate: Our muses doing some hot and steamy together
  • Phobia: Our muses discussing what scares them
  • Deceive: My muse lying to yours
  • Hold: My character will hug yours
  • Revealing: My character will tell you how they feel about yours
  • Gift: My character will get you a present
  • Curl Up: My character will snuggle with yours
  • Hop On: My character will give your a piggyback ride
  • Humor: My character will tell yours a joke
  • Kiss: My character will kiss yours


| How it was surprised to see that it was only a fox, while it thought it was going to be a more menacing Pokemon. Although feeling slight upset about the reply, it just shifted on the nest to lie down on a different position.

How unfortunate. I suppose you are just a wanderer who heard all the noise from earlier, so I guess I shouldn’t worry about you that much. Afterall, if I wanted, I could crush you or eat you whole.

| There was a light tone of warning on the Wyvern’s deep voice as it spoke, but its’ body language was telling that it wouldn’t charge an attack as of now, though.|

The Zoroark just chuckled. “I’m sorry, but I was talking about you being the wanderer.” His chuckling died down a bit, ignoring the threat that the wyvern had made. Even if the beast was going to try to eat him, he wouldn’t give in without a good fight. “My home is not too far from here, actually.” He dared not point which direction, but with the wyvern the size he was, he probably didn’t need to. Xyopi’s eyes narrowed sharply and dangerously at the beast. “I was making sure that there was no danger to my homeland.”


| Right after Yveltal finished its nuge nest, it could hear faintly the sound of something very fast running towards its territory. It looked like a quadruped, and a fairly big one, too, but since the red Wyvern was enormous, it didn’t seemed to care at all. Once the smaller being shouted, it made the Yveltal wince, but having made its promise the other day, Yveltal simply stood up from its comfortable nest and eyed the other.|

Who goes there.

Who goes there?’ was the response the Zoroark was getting.

He jumped when he saw the large Wyvern stand up from the nest, never before seen such a beast. The fox needed to be cautious if he wished to protect his home. 

Sighing softly, he realized that someone needed to answer the ‘who’s there’ question, and it seemed like it was going to be him. “My name should not matter much for someone who is just passing by.” It sounded like a warning for the Wyvern, and yet there was caution in his tone. Upsetting this creature was not on his top things to do.


|Yveltal makes a nest using grown-up trees and rocks at the pinnacle of a great rock. Finishing it after 15 minutes, it lies down comfortably while watching over the land before it.|

The Zoroark’s head perked up, hearing the crashing of trees from the distance. He narrowed his eyes as he glanced towards the direction of the sound. It seemed too close to the ranch, which could be in danger from whatever is going on. The fox then took off as fast as he could, jumping over the wooden fence and entered the nearby forest. 

After a while, the crashing had stopped, but he still ran forward, hopefully towards where the sound was from. What in the world could create so much sound and then suddenly stop within minutes? He found out when there were large trees formed as a nest. The Zoroark froze, almost with fear and curiosity on what in the world could have created this large nest.

"Who’s there?!" It was probably a dumb idea to yell out, but it was a tad bit faster than trying to climb into the nest and possibly into danger. 

Xyopi: “Yep. We’re here to chat if you happen to stumble upon the ranch. I’m also up for battling and such almost any time. Ask first before you start the battle (I do have to do some work around the ranch). This Yayakoma here can chatter like there’s no tomorrow, so don’t get her too excited—”

Yayakoma: “Hey! I am right here, you know!”

Xyopi: “Ahem.. Uh, but yes. I’m here all day and all night, so perhaps give me— er, us, a visit.”

Yayakoma: “Oh, yes yes! Please do!”

// I do plan on drawing some asks, but it’s been so long since I’ve drawn too much, so I apologize for my art. lol But anyways! Yes, I’m here to roleplay and have fun~ I hope you enjoy your time with me here~ //

"Hm…" His eyes watched each trainer and Pokemon stroll on by the ranch, hoping that just one would stop and bring him company. He wanted to have some sort of contact outside the ranch. "So many walk on by, and not even one stops." The fox groans before placing his head on the ground, having a bored expression on his face.


[/Sylveon watches the moon intently]

The Zoroark leans back against a tree, smiling slightly as he enjoyed the moon rays wash down on him and the rest of the world in the dark. “Ah, the moon.. Such a glorious thing to see on a beautiful night like this,” he hummed, placing his paws behind his head to act like a pillow for his head.

It was a peaceful day with the sun high up into the air with white puffy clouds spotting the blue sky. There was even the soft gentle breeze that blew on by, enough to cool off anyone that was out in the sun. It was the perfect time for a nap, and that was exactly what the dark fox did, right under a tree that created a large enough shadow from the sun. His ears occasionally twitched, yet it wasn’t enough to wake him from his rest, so he was quite unaware of any new Pokemon that were near the ranch. Though, it was sure that he didn’t care enough to get up from his comfortable spot to make his unnecessary rounds again. He just decided to take this chance to relax and enjoy the day.

"Wake up, Xyopi!" The young bird tweeted happily, hopping lightly on top of the Zoroark’s head. She had received a growl from him, but she could care less. He was up! She kept hopping up and down on top of his head, making him grateful that the young Yayakoma was small and light in weight. Xyopi, the now awaken Zoroark, shook his head, shaking off the Yayakoma, before giving out a loud yawn.

"What is it that you want..?" he groaned, resting his head on a paw, glancing over to the small bird Pokemon that was still happily hopping about, but this time on the ground. 

"It’s a lovely day, so we should go out and play!" She giggled, spreading out her wings to flap them a couple times. There was another groan that escaped Xyopi’s lips before he turned his head away, closing his eyes again. This action caused the Yayakoma to stop and pout, crossing her wings as best as she could across her small chest. "Aww, come on. Don’t be a Snorlax.." She huffed before flying up to land right on his head once more. 

"Perhaps I want to be one.. just for a day…" grumbled the fox, trying to ignore the bird. Ignoring her couldn’t last long once she started pecking his head. "Hey! Ow! Alright, fine!" Quickly, he sat up, reaching up to rub his head. The Yayakoma had already gotten out of the way from his paw so he could rub it properly. 

"Awesome!" She laughed before making loops in the air and flew off towards the back of the ranch and towards the forest. The Zoroark only sighed before following behind the bird.

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tumblrbot asked:

The dark fox blinked at the robot, a bit unsure how to answer such question. “Well, first of all, I’m not a human.” He placed his clawed hands on his furry hips, raising a brow. Surely a robot would know what a human looks like, and he knew he wasn’t disguising himself with an illusion. Maybe this robot wasn’t the smartest out of all the robots he heard of. A soft sigh escaped past his hips, realizing it would be rude to leave with the robot wondering if it was stupid, so he finally decided to answer quickly, “Though, if you meant with my human partner, then I must say that I sort of remember when she took me in as a Zorua and brought me to her ranch.” He awaited for the robot’s approval, giving it a small, and somewhat nervous, smile. Though, what was this bot’s sign of approval? Unsure, he pretended that he was being called to the ranch to do some work. “I’ll.. see you around..?” He didn’t wait for a response this time, but instead, just turned around and trotted off back to the ranch.